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Built exclusively for Pharmaceutical/Biotech Manufacturing and R&D

Co-founded by a Process Engineer, we focus exclusively on the Biopharmaceutical Industry. This gives us unique expertise implementing industrial augmented reality solutions in heavily regulated environments.  Our trio of augmented reality applications for the enterprise, TANDEM, MANUALS and GAUGE leverage cutting-edge Smart Glasses like Microsoft HoloLens, Vuzix M100, Vuzix M300, Epson Moverio BT200 and more to help your business. We empower operators, engineers, scientists and technicians by giving them the tools they need in real-time, so they can make informed decisions – hands free.  To learn about how the major global Pharmaceutical & Biotech companies are using the Apprentice Field Suite, and the best way to utilize this at your facility, please request a demo.

industrial augmented reality for pharmaceutical businesses

Cover a wide range of use cases with a single augmented reality solution

With our Field Suite comprised of TANDEM, MANUALS and GAUGE, your organization can quickly, easily and cost-effectively leverage augmented reality and smart glasses.  Our solution is designed to give you maximum flexibility when deploying this cutting-edge technology to ensure that one can realize a positive ROI.  Using a single vendor, your organization can explore collaborative telepresence, dynamic troubleshooting, first-person training, hands-free procedures, safety reporting, frictionless data collection and more.  Additionally, since the platform was created specifically for the regulatory needs of pharmaceutical companies, you can get started immediately.

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