The only Augmented Reality solution for Biopharma Manufacturing and R&D

3 Augmented Reality Modules for Manufacturing, Maintenance and R&D

TANDEM: Collaborative Telepresence

Share what you’re seeing on the manufacturing floor or in the lab with our collaborative telepresence tool

MANUALS: Process and Workflow Aid

Access critical Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Job Plans, Preventive Maintenance Plans and more hands-free

GAUGE: Safety and Data Collection

Instantly report unsafe conditions, and collect analog values from a number of sources



Powered by Hands-free Smart Glasses

The AFS Augmented Reality Smart Glasses solution transforms complex pharmaceutical/biotechnology manufacturing, maintenance and R&D. Relevant information is easy to access and immediately available in a heads-up display. Unlike Smartphones, Tablets and paper binders, Smart Glasses allow information access completely hands free.  The Apprentice solution is designed to be platform-independent, we choose the digital eyewear that works best for your organization, and your unique environment.  We work with Microsoft HoloLens, Vuzix M100, Vuzix M300, Epson Moverio BT 200, ODG R-7 and other specialized Augmented Reality mobility tools.  Whether you’re working in a standard manufacturing environment, a lab, or a clean room, you can empower your team like never before.

Regulatory Compliant

Due to our unique experience and expertise within the industry, our applications are built from the start to be compliant with a number of regulatory demands.  We work directly with you to ensure that our Augmented Reality solution for manufacturing, maintenance, and R&D is successful, and that it complies with all domestic and international requirements.  This makes us unique in the Augmented Reality industry as  we can begin working with your organization immediately.  We significantly reduce your ramp-up time by providing some “out of the box” elements, minimizing the necessity for development, and creating an immediate return on investment for your organization.


See how augmented reality can empower your business.