Safety and Data Collection, part of our Industrial Augmented Reality Solution

Read analog gauges, handwriting samples and more

Computer vision and our augmented reality solution can read analog gauges automatically and save those values to your reporting tool of choice.  This greatly increases reporting of analog gauge values and improves overall efficiency when recording multiple values.  This technology also extends to numerous other use cases, like reading handwriting on various objects or tracking samples in the lab.  Reduce manual effort with a seamless solution today.

With our solution running on cutting-edge Smart Glasses, like Microsoft HoloLens, Vuzix M100, Vuzix M300, Epson Moverio BT 200 and more, employees can collect data hands-free.



Electronic Lockout Tagout with our Augmented Reality Safety solution

Automatically alert an operator before he/she works on a vessel – thereby avoiding costly mistakes.  Management can also access a number of logs in the event of an issue, to understand why a mistake may have happened.  GAUGE, the augmented reality safety tool, also allows for photo/video recording of unsafe conditions to make it easy to report problems as they happen.  Bring safety to the forefront.

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