Our award-winning industrial augmented reality solution redesigned for HoloLens

MANUALS for HoloLens

MANUALS, our hands-free augmented reality process and workflow aid for manufacturing, maintenance and R&D now runs on Microsoft’s HoloLens.  With this revolutionary device, employees can now see fully-immersive 3D content while performing tasks.  This is especially powerful when used for training on complex procedures.  Instead of having new employees train on just text-based procedures, they can see rich 3D content in their field of view.  It makes training more fun and at the same time, more impactful.  Check out the video to the right to learn more.


Rich 3D Augmented Reality Content

3D content can be created by 3D scanning your own pre-existing pieces of equipment and importing them into our application.  This greatly increases the number of possible use cases and training scenarios that you and your organization can explore with a single product.  Our testing has shown that immersive 3D augmented reality content can increase understanding and absorption for complex procedures.

Voice and Hand-Gesture control

Transform how you work and enable hands-free access to critical information with the use of hand gestures and voice commands.  Being able to work hands-free allows works greater mobility and efficiency when performing day-to-day tasks and improves general productivity.  Custom nomenclature can be developed for your organization to provide a personalized experience for your employees.


See how augmented reality can empower your business.