Process and Workflow Aid, part of our Industrial Augmented Reality Solution

Hands-free augmented reality procedures

Use hand gestures and voice commands for hands-free access to the latest Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Batch Records, Job Plans, Preventative Maintenance Plans and more. Eliminate costly errors due to incorrect or out-of-date procedures while increasing worker speed, efficiency and accuracy with augmented reality procedures.

In addition to production support, leverage MANUALS for training your workforce.  Pull in rich content beyond just text with augmented reality 3D objects, images and videos.  Managers can monitor trainees and pinpoint deviations quickly.

With our solution running on cutting-edge Smart Glasses, like the Microsoft HoloLensVuzix M100, Vuzix M300, Epson Moverio BT 200 and more, employees can troubleshoot, collaborate and train hands-free.



    Version-controlled paper SOPs have lead to human error and holding printed material while working is inefficient


    Individuals can pull up version-controlled tasks or procedures hands-free and record values with voice commands


    The company has reduced errors associated with paper and decreased task completion time, while improving accuracy

Case Study

Top 5 Biopharma


Prior to AFS this company used paper SOPs and paper work instructions to perform high impact tasks. Each time the document changed, the print-outs would have to be re-printed and the binders updated. The individuals would then have to perform their tasks while trying to hold the binder at the same time – in addition to remembering the value they collected. They then had to enter the value into their batch record program from memory. With AFS the always up-to-date procedures are brought directly into the glasses and the individual can work, read, and record that information hands free.

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