Part of our award winning Industrial Augmented Reality Solution for Pharmaceutical/Biotech Businesses

Remote Troubleshooting, Training and Collaboration with Augmented Reality Telepresence

When things go wrong, one may not always have the luxury of having the Subject Matter Expert (SME) physically in the same place as the problem.  TANDEM solves that issue.  A remote SME instantly becomes a telepresence with the ability to see, talk and draw on an individual’s field of view in real-time to help coach someone through a problem.  Troubleshooting isn’t limited to internal discussions though, TANDEM also allows you to loop in external vendors with augmented reality telepresence.   Solve problems faster.

Beyond troubleshooting, TANDEM can also be used in a number of other use cases.  Simply collaborate with colleagues around the world, or use TANDEM for recording complex procedures and save them later for point-of-view training material.

With our solution running on cutting-edge Smart Glasses, like the Vuzix M100, Vuzix M300, Epson Moverio BT 200, Microsoft HoloLens and more, employees can troubleshoot, collaborate and train hands-free.



    Remote clients and SMEs need to see their process


    Real-time remote viewing and collaboration now in use daily


    Immediate client cost reduction in travel, increased efficiency and more business

Case Study

Top 5 Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO)


As a CMO, our customer can be challenged with various client demands at any given time. To provide customer oversight prior to AFS, clients routinely flew to this facility to monitor their process. Now this organization offers remote auditing through our hands-free application. With AFS the CMO’s clients can see their process in real-time, significantly reducing travel costs and wasted time. Additionally, they’re also using Tandem for their own operations to streamline local and remote troubleshooting. Whenever there is an issue that requires support, they use Tandem to collaborate with remote SME’s and equipment manufacturers.

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